Podar World School Offers 5 Layer Protection to All Students

With the long wait for class 12 results now over, students are looking forward to their college life with nervous excitement. To help the students of the 2021 batch ease into their higher education journey and initiate them into a completely new way of learning, Pearl Academy has designed a Pre-semester Learning Experience (PSLE). It is currently in full swing and will go on until the formal academic session begins in September 2021.

PSLE has been designed keeping in mind the different disciplines and courses students have joined and the diverse backgrounds of education and life they come from. With three interesting, gamified modules- ‘Explore 4 senses’, ‘Who are your Hoomans’ and ‘From me to we’- It covers multiple human aspects and skills such as ideation, curiosity, playfulness, collaboration, awareness, leadership, personal development, human values, social responsibility and volunteering. These modules enable the students to get in touch with their creative, imaginative side while helping them hone their technical and social skills. It also facilitates a social connection amongst the new students and faculty members in the current scenario of social distancing. This way, the freshers will be at ease when the campus opens again, leading to collaboration and teamwork in the classrooms and of course, friendships.

Power-packed yet fun capsule, apt for the school to college transition that students have to go through, especially in a virtual environment because of COVID-19. It is an initiative that started in 2020 and received a positive response from the new students. The constituent modules are part of the Immersive-Creative-Learning Framework (ICLF) developed by the academic team. It is a combination of virtual teaching in the first half of the academic year 2021 and face-to-face classes once the campus is allowed to open.

Another initiative that took last year and is scaling up this year is the home studio kits. Institute sends customized kits to all students for them to set up mini studios in their homes to gain practical experience and work on projects. Practical learning and hands-on experiences can make a world of difference for any student, but these are even more critical for someone pursuing a creative program. They need tools and equipment to shape their ideas and breathe life into their imagination.

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