64% Of Indian Students Plan On Studying Abroad In North America | Mentor Conference 2021

The outbreak of COVID-19 brought in serious challenges for Indian students willing to study abroad, but as the world vaccination drives the pace and things are turning to normal students, are willing to continue on their voyage of receiving their higher studies abroad. To project the statistics on the study abroad patterns in the current era, when the pandemic is slowly subsiding, The Mentor Conference 2021 Polls conducted by ForeignAdmits show that despite the pandemic, 64 per cent of Indian students plan on studying abroad in the United States of America and Canada.

ForeignAdmits, a platform helping students in pursuing their dream to study abroad, has helped the students to get an insight into the current trends for international studies, through its Mentor Conference 2021 Polls, which comprised of 12,000 individuals majorly populated in India and a minor share from 17 countries internationally in mid-July. The sample space included a good mix of High schoolers, Under-Graduates, Post-Graduates, and working professionals.

Benefits of Studying Abroad: Polls Suggest a High Inclination Towards Studying Abroad

The Poll reveals some interesting data post-Covid-19, revealing the mindset of the young individuals with a high inclination towards the zeal to study abroad. According to the poll, 79 per cent of the students believed that studying abroad will increase their employability because of the higher chances of acceptance in reputed organizations. Also, the online study environment is taking a toll on young minds. 71 per cent of the students preferred to visit the university in person and were not charmed with the hybrid or virtual mode of education. These students are aware of the educational benefits of going abroad. Face-to-face learning and cross-cultural learning are highly valued by respondents.

Study Abroad Aspirants Depict Interesting Trends on Their Future Plans

The majority of the students who took the survey in 2021 of the Mentor Conference by Foreign Admits, were more aware of the study abroad processes and applications than the ones who took the survey back in 2020. Based on the survey, there were interesting findings on what were the aspirants looking for in their careers? According to the poll:

  • 31 per cent of the aspirants wish to do their master’s at a top university out of which 71 per cent were students and the remaining were working professionals.
  • The students who were aspiring to their bachelor abroad were only 7.12 per cent of the total sample space.
  • 12.1 per cent of the aspirants were aspiring for MBA while only 2.3 per cent were aspiring for MIM. This stat goes on to show that people want to go for a management degree but are not really aware of the options such as MIM and MEM.
  • 8.26 per cent of the students participating in the poll were PhD aspirants who were aspiring to be able to get admission into a top research-based institution with a good in-house research atmosphere.

Courses in Demand for Higher Studies Abroad: 44 per cent of aspirants opt for MEM

The poll brought in insight into various questions which built strong data on how students perceive higher education in the current times. This may be considered as the most up-to-date data for research willing to know about student psychology on patterns of study abroad in 2021. The poll reveals what courses are in demand for higher education amongst students/participants with the highest number of aspirants from Maharashtra, i.e.,16.31 per cent and the footfall of the combined south Indian states (Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu) comprised more than half of the participants. 52.19 per cent to be precise

  • 43 per cent of the counsellors and mentors opted for the fields of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), Big Data and Data Sciences. 17 per cent choose a career in Media and Advertising, and 22 per cent choose a career in management (MIM, MEM and MBA) as the most lucrative options for studying abroad. This consists of both Undergrad and Post-Grad courses.
  • While over 90 per cent of the counsellors opted for “learning a new language” as the single most important skill for any study abroad aspirant.
  • Out of the 22 per cent of counsellors and mentors who opted for management as a viable career option 44 per cent chose MEM (master’s in engineering management) in that category.

Poll results on the Challenges of Studying Abroad

Along with the insights on career options and locations, ForeignAdmits also conducted a poll amongst all the participants of the Mentor Conference 2021 that studying abroad puts a big financial debt on the family and is generally the major factor for many students not opting for it.

  • The statistics reveal that 57 per cent of the students and 41 per cent of the counsellors reported that the financial component of a study abroad plans crushes the dreams of the aspirants and their parents.

This stat reflects on the need for financial planning for the families of the study abroad aspirants. Most of the time it is a late beginning or a lack of awareness about the costs involved in studying abroad. Sometimes it is the disorganized information available in the common domain and the fear of a cumbersome process that disheartens the aspirants and family.

Loans for Studying Abroad: 60 per cent of Students Require Education Loans

In the poll comprising of a sample size of 5475 students, the following stats were reported

  • A little more than 60 per cent of the students confirmed that they need to take an educational loan to bear the expenses of a foreign university.
  • But the interesting fact here is that approximately 80 per cent of the students were ready to take the leap irrespective of whether they require a loan or not

The Mentor conference 2021 by ForeignAdmits, was full of insights and inferences even for the entire study abroad community. Speaking on the insightful conference and poll, Mr Nikhil Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, ForeignAdmits Said, “The poll reveals an interesting fact that generation Z is not afraid of changes and unfamiliar situations, rather it embraces it for their betterment in their careers. Studying abroad is no more a distant dream. The aspirants and parents have started considering studying abroad as a viable option and nowadays start financial planning at an early age. These signs are a testament to the attitude shift and awareness amongst a current lot of students.”

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