About Us

IMTS Institute, is a self-governing institute established in 2004. We also work as a counselling and guidance centre for various Distance Learning, Online, Private & Regular Universities.

The main aim of IMTS institute is to promote education so that every individual gets a chance to get educated and not fall back due to the financial, distance and time problems.

Distance education and Online Education is a mode of study where a student does not have to go to the college regularly but can complete the course like regular courses by doing all classes, assignments and projects at home in online. It is a great opportunity for students to study and work and not feel the monetary burden too much.


IMTS Institute provides career counselling for wide range of courses approved by UGC and other authorities, to all its students in the fields of Management, Technical, Traditional, Computer, Research, Diploma and certification courses. Over here the counselling is always done keeping in mind the job prospect and the future of the student. The Universities for which it provides counselling are approved by University Grants Commission (UGC),All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Distance Education Bureau(DEB).

Presence of IMTS 

IMTS offer online career counselling, Students can take admission from Pan India including Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kerala and many other Indian cities. It has also got its presence in around 140 countries of the world including Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and many more. It has completed 16 successful years of its establishment and provides customer support to its students who come from various parts of the world and are often no table to understand the terms well.

Usuallyin distance education BA, BCOM, BBA, BSC BCA, MA, MCOM, MBA, EMBA, MSC, MCAand some Diploma & Certificate courses are offered by the Universities, IMTS Institute offerscounsellingfor all courses.

IMTS offer career counselling for Distance education courses and online learning Courses for students so that they can continue with the studies which they had left off due to some reason or the other. Distance education and online courses offered by them can reach a student beyond Geographical boundaries and gives them the flexibility to work and study both at a same time.

The Motto of IMTS Institute is to provide education to everyone

Everybody in this world needs to be educated, and to get any job it is must to have a graduation certificate at least. Even in offices, the rank of a person depends on the educational qualification of the candidate. What if someone is unable to complete their studies due to some reason? Should they not get to work in good ranks even if they are capable of it but do not have the qualification for it? Well, qualification should not hamper a person’s progress in the field of work and therefore, IMTS online Distance education is working hard to help and support such people who need to complete their education to get a better opportunity in their career which they had been lacking due to such issues. We help the candidates to complete the education through online or Distance education learning and get the certificates they require.

No Requirements to Visit University Every day in online Distance education

Working people often have no time to visit Universities to get the admission procedure complete. They do not have time to go for counselling or any other academic purpose. Here too the IMTS institute helps the candidates by completing all the details for admission in the University by themselves. The students just need to study and complete their assignments at home or online and pass.

What makes IMTS different from the other Institutes ?

IMTS Distance education and our team have managed to reach the most rural areas of some countries where no other colleges or universities have ever thought of going. They have made the efforts to make people understand the importance of education and how it impacts a person’s career. Often candidates were forced to drop their education midway due to distance or other issues but IMTS has bridged this gap and taken them towards a better life and career.

IMTS Distance education offer a reasonable fee for its Students as weknow education is the right of every individual and simply because some came from low financial backgrounds that do not mean that they are deprived of the right to education. They do what is good for the students and see to it that all are provided with equal chances to educate. Quality and Service are the highlights of our institute and we believes in providing quality service to the students. The institute also has highly skilled and qualified team of professional and teachers who always keeps the students updated about the notifications issued by the University. The teachers here are kind and hardworking and try to help the students as best as possible. Their creative study sector analyses the talent in students and trains them in their area of excellence. Virtual Classes, Online examination, Effective Study Material, University student Help-desk, are some of the features of IMTS Distance education and this has helped many to achieve that which they had only dreamed about.

Institute of Management & Technical Studies offers people a better opportunity to complete the higher education and learning that they had left behind and helps them to obtain excellent jobs. It also has a placement Hub called the IMTS Education Foundation Placement Hub which ensures students get jobs and have been acquiring many big brands including INDIGO, HDFC, etc. They provide students with international and India based jobs which are good. So, if you too have not completed your studies what are you waiting for? Call us for all the information and join us as soon as possible. We will help you to complete your studies at a reasonable feeand help you to get placed in a good company for a job. Now, that is an offer not worth missing!

IMTS increase in information and Distance education, techniques, lots of courses like (BA, BCOM, BBA, BSC BCA, MA, MCOM, MBA, EMBA, MSC, MCA and some Diploma & Certificate courses) are available in Distance education industry and this makes a person unable to understand which one is to choose for the better career. Therefore, there is always a requirement for counsellor or a career expert. In the cut-throat competition of today, it’s hard for Students to understand the needs and find out their way out of the competition. Only an expert is the one that can completely help in understanding the needs of students and help them getting hassle free from this competitive environment.

The path to a successful job work is not an easy task. Same likes as buses to catch, classes to attend and studies to complete, the large number of students are there who cannot even understand their own abilities and so they are confused about their future and their career. We are standing here in IMTS Institute to help such students in all the ways to understand what lies within them and consequently get them at the high level of their career. Wherever student takes the false step for a lifetime regret to soar high in one’s career is not an easy task and there are various hurdles one must cross and come with the flying colours. At this stage of highly competitive environment, one needs someone who can guide him like a mentor and in a friendly manner. Not every student possess the same qualities and capabilities.

IMTS Distance education experts understand that and they also know how to treat different students with different capabilities as IMTS have got the unique experience with all students. We understand the value of education, time and so help them accordingly. IMTS give students that power to understand their capabilities and choose a stream which would be valuable for them. Once a student is on his way home from us, he has lots of positive things within him and plenty of ideas that help him shaping his future.

To fulfil this mission of education IMTS, Distance education have several branches around the country. The idea started with the feeling that India’s future lies in the hands of the present generation only and therefore that must be strong. The young generation must have to be the revolution in the present society.

IMTS Distance education aims to make our Institute a complete and one-stop solution of all kinds of career demands and support. We are also wanting to become one of the greatest successful service providers in our UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah RAK, Ajman, Kuwait and Oman.

True Guidance For Online education

In our daily life, we have to make lots of decisions for different things. This is a part of life. But decisions have to be correct. In the field of education, a wrong decision can lead a person to lifetime regret. The correct decision can get a person far in his career. Online Education is very much required to let someone have strong decisions in his life to live it prosperously. With education, the civilization is formed, culture is maintained, and the social status is improved. It also helps in improving the positive attitude, moral values and ethics. Education is mainly grouped into two different parts- Sr. Secondary and Higher.

Why had IMTS Distance education do so?

In this technology-based era, students have several options of choices for their career. Initially around several decades ago, there were no such options available, but the competition was also lower than the present time. Now the stones are turned. Time to change present process. With the increase in choices and options, the competition is also very high. In this way on one hand they get lots of opportunities but due to the competition, they are also losing lots of things.

We at IMTS Distance education deliver the best career guidance to the students and make them aware of their aptitudes that give power them how to beat their competitor from the market. We completely understand the confusions created in minds of them and try to remove it with our counselling cells. We also know the level of stress going in minds of the students after passing qualifying examinations and then they go to choose courses for further studies. There are so many of them available that students are confused which one is to choose. No Problem. We are here. We know how to get them out of this situation. To help such candidates, we run the counselling programs. Our target is to revolutionize the path of Distance education and online education, by bringing the education seekers and policy makers together. The wide gap among both has crumbled the system to a large magnitude.

IMTS Professionalism and Proficiency

Career Counselling of students is our main motive. Several thousand of them have so far been benefited by our counselling and have made their future shaped in a positive way. The institute is located at many centres in India, from the top to bottom and from the right to left of India. We have done this because we do not want anyone left from the advantages of our services. Intelligent students get a chance to avail our services and make the successful careers. To complete this mission of ours we have set up several branches in various cities around the country. Since the IMTS Distance education also gained name outside the country we also started out branches in UAE and Dubai. The dappled online education system in our country compelled us to make several branches around the country. The education system in northern part of India is entirely different from that of in southern part of India. This makes lots of students confused about their professional career and so we had to set up our branches in different cities around the country.

Education professionalism at IMTS assists students not to be confused and stick to a correct decision that leads them to the positive career and their career graph goes on increasing. Not only this, but we also make sure the student can make a permanent place in the chosen field. For this reason, out team has been designed in such a way that everyone here is always working towards creating something productive. The team at IMTS always monitor the changes in society and hence decisions are made simpler based on these changes. So is the case with education as well.

The professional system of course at IMTS Distance education is another practical part of our services. There are many students who cannot secure their future with the course available and so we have designed come of them in such a way that they get secured career after opting them. These are professional and vocational courses. We have many scholars with us who have the track record of the academic life and they are the one who design these courses based on the requirement of the present education system. We know that the education system in our country needs some modification and refreshment since it has become bit old fashioned and so we are constantly working to ensure the quality of education is maintained in our country. IMTS has always been doing this and make sure the same would be maintained in future as well.

IMTS Distance education is in association with the most important Distance education colleges, universities, training centres and most important distance education learning centres and with those, we will be frequently monitoring the changes that take place in the education system from time to time. It is of extreme importance to keep ourselves well-informed with the latest updates and changes, the supreme advantage of connecting yourself with us is that gives an opportunity which is very user-friendly or as Student -friendly.

For student career support and help, 

IMTS Distance education are available 24*7 through a number +91 – 9210989898 online chatting facility or a forum. This would guarantee that any student who is worried due to any career-related problem, we would be present to see that it will be resolved.

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